Toonbat is watching you
God bless you for making a Pedro Infante pony.

I’m hoping we’ll see a María Felix pony eventually

In case anyone was curious as to what happened to the bands after Rarity’s little Godmode moment.

give u a banana

Why, thank you!  I… Waaaait. This isn’t one of those Trollestia mind tricks, is it?

Dear Zecora. I heard this weird rumor that you once a affair with Celestia. Any comments on the matter?

A youthful indiscretion on my part.  I had yet to master restraint.  As in, how to pick the locks on them.

wow you'er awesome how come I never seen you'er stuff before

Because Illuminati ‘n stuff.

I Love you! =^_^=

D’aww, thank you much!

Your work greatly amuses me. Reveal your secrets!

A delicate blend of genius and creepy hermit should do the trick, I find.

Do u take commission or request

Oy.  I can’t really handle commissions right now, but lemme know what you’d like anyway.  Who knows?  It can happen.

That "Nymphoid Barbarian" reference was priceless! Do you watch many Troma movies? :D

Sadly, no.  I was just lucky enough to run into this little gem on Cinemax sometime in the mid 90s.  Without a doubt the best movie title in film history, and the trailer’s pretty fun.  More fun than the actual movie, to be sure.

You’re not gonna get your cutie mark in sabotage soon, Sweetie Belle