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What Your Cutie Mark is Telling Me

What Your Cutie Mark is Telling Me

Some posters I made for a workplace integration campaign at my current job.  The last one’s not an original idea.  I’ve already seen sets of similar icons, but I was not happy with how the ones I saw did not cover all basis, or had some designs I thought looked ugly or confusing, so I made my own.

God bless you for making a Pedro Infante pony.

I’m hoping we’ll see a María Felix pony eventually

In case anyone was curious as to what happened to the bands after Rarity’s little Godmode moment.

give u a banana

Why, thank you!  I… Waaaait. This isn’t one of those Trollestia mind tricks, is it?

Dear Zecora. I heard this weird rumor that you once a affair with Celestia. Any comments on the matter?

A youthful indiscretion on my part.  I had yet to master restraint.  As in, how to pick the locks on them.

wow you'er awesome how come I never seen you'er stuff before

Because Illuminati ‘n stuff.

I Love you! =^_^=

D’aww, thank you much!

Your work greatly amuses me. Reveal your secrets!

A delicate blend of genius and creepy hermit should do the trick, I find.

Do u take commission or request

Oy.  I can’t really handle commissions right now, but lemme know what you’d like anyway.  Who knows?  It can happen.